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Gotta get a few things off my chest . . .

After looking up some reviews on friends, authors I like, and yes, even my own, I have a question. Why do obvious trolls leave reviews? What do they get out of leaving trash comments, especially when after reading said comment, it's apparent that they didn't read the novel? This is not what happened in my case, but it was irritating enough to see it happen to someone else.

What kind of 'thrill' do these people get out of doing damage like that to someone, especially when the other 200+ reviews were a mixture of decent to outstanding? Is this because the anonymity of the internet allows them to be vicious and nasty while allowing them to not be exposed and have to own up for the rude and unmerited personal insults they've handed out to a particular author?

I just don't understand why someone would do this.

My reviews, good or bad, I appreciate them. I'll take whatever the reader wants to give me. I'm just glad someone took a chance, whether they liked it or not. I've also been fortunate enough to have limited experience with obvious trolls, but it still honks me off that they are out there and they continue to leave paths of destruction in their wake.

Is this a way to get attention? Or do they simply get off by acting like a trash human being? I just don't get it, especially after my fellow writer spoke to me in tears and was on the verge of quitting because of the personal attack. And after reading it, it was personal. To make matters worse, this person also restricted comments on their so-called review.

I guess it's just me, but if you've got the guts to do something like that to someone, have the guts to face up to the consequences. It's not hard to be fair without attacking someone. You didn't like their book. So what. Leave your opinion and move on. Don't be brutal, insulting, and say this person should have been born without hands so they'd never have been able to write a single word. That was just low. And shows a lack of character and a lack of integrity. Most of all, it's spineless.

I don't like to rant and rage a lot because who wants to deal with the stress, right? The world's already got a lot going on. This, however, made me want to speak up. I just couldn't stay silent because so many authors stop writing because of comments like these.

So, to those of you who have experienced this type of outrageous attack, don't give up. Don't let the troll win and definitely don't let them rob you of your happiness. They don't deserve it and they are certainly not worth it. And to the trolls, find a different hobby. Sheesh.

Thanks for listening,


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1 Comment

Jan 24

I read reviews and things often and I see those nasty little comments and wonder why people would even sit there and bother if things are as bad as they say. Not only that, but the negative reviews often come with a slew of ad hominem attacks on the writer. I think this behavior is bizarre and the individuals who engage in it need to seek help from a medical professional. You have got to be sick in the brain to spend so much time and energy on putting people down.

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