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Upcoming Release and ARC News!

Crunch time is here again and my new release, That One Night, will be out on March 31st!

Although this story is shorter than my previous ones, (only by 50 pages or so), it's been my most difficult to write. Getting sick, getting sick again, and then the Winter Wonderhell that Texas experienced, added with the loss of power for a week (and subsequently freezing my keister off), it was setback after setback.

However, I recovered. I thawed out and the juice was restored. What didn't happen was me meeting my deadline. At first, I wanted to sink into a giant pity party and just dwell. If you know me, that is not me at all.

After a chat with my best bud, (he knows who he is, after all, we've been friends for over thirty years), I shut the party down, pulled my big girl pants back up and got to work.

Now, after thinking that I was going to miss my publishing date, the manuscript is in the FINAL round of edits and I will be hitting that deadline! For the ARC readers on Booksprout and with the Reading Owls ARC team, the book will be available a few days before That One Night goes live.

I just wanted to take the time to give everyone an update. To tell you what's been going on, and to let you know about what's coming up!

I wish you all peace, love, happiness, and an endless supply of books that fill your heart with joy!

-Love always


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