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What Did I Do?

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

I caught a wild hare and bam! Two short stories have come to life. Moments within the A Girl Gone Crazy world that add some context to events that have happened throughout the series.

To be honest, I'm a pretty fast writer. It's the editing, the trimming, the editing, the rewriting, the editing, the reading, the editing, and the feedback (and additional editing) that slows me down. These two short stories, Love at First Bite (available now!) and That's Amore (available soon!) came to life in much the same way the first

book did. Some of you might not know but I wrote the first book in less than six weeks. This is with deleting half of the original book because it didn't feel 'organic'. When I decided to take some life experiences (Yes, everything that involves Uncle Merv ACTUALLY happened, including the Star-Spangled Buick Firework Show!), the book literally flowed from my fingertips.

That same magic happened with the two short stories that have just added to the collection. When characters speak to me and DEMAND to be heard, I get into a writing frenzy that just can't be denied. And so, the frenzy happened and, the stories would not be denied. The end result, two more pieces to add to the collection!

I hope that everyone is well. That you are happy, healthy, and that you have an overabundance of books to read! Until next time!

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